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The Alphanumeric Index of Russian Industry Standards includes over 30,000 technical standards from more than two thousand Russian standards developing organizations, including documents such as ATK, AVOK, EN, ENIR, ERD, ETKS, FER, GFSN, GKINP, GN, GOST, GOST IEC, GOST ISO, GOST R, GSN, MD, MDK, MDS, MGSN, MI, MK, MN, MP, MRR, MRTU, MSN, MSP, MT, MU, MUK, MUS, ND, NG, NM, NO, NP, NPB, NPO, NPRM, NR, NTP, ODM, ODN, OK, OM, ON, OND, ONK, ONTP, OPB, OPV, ORD, OSH, OSP, OST, OTR, P, PB, PBE, PDK, PK, PMG, PMP, PNAE, POSN, POT, PPB, PR, PRB, PTE, PUE, R, RA, RB, RD, RD RTM, RDI, RDM, RDS, RDV, RK, RM, RMG, RND, RNIP, RNTP, RP, RS, RSN, RST, RTM, RU, SANPIN, SN, SNIP, SNKK, SO, SP, ST, ST COMECON, STN, STO, STP, TER, TI, TI R, TNR, TOI, TP, TR, TS TOB, TSN, TT, TU, U, UA, UNIR, URSN, VMSN, VN, VNE, VNIR, VNP, VNTP, VPNRM, VPPB, VRD, VRDS, VSN, VSP, VTU, VUP, VUP SNE, VUPP, VVN and many more.
Additionally, the Index includes rules and regulations issued by key agencies of the Russian government, such as executive orders, federal laws, guidelines, handbooks, instructions, ordinances, price compendia, procedural guidelines, recommended practices, reference books, reports, government resolutions, and technical notices.

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