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How to Order from SNIP

Here are the three simple steps to order products/services from SNIP:

Step 1: Find the items you want

Step 2: Review the license options (and/or subscription terms) for the item

Step 3: Place your order

Step 1: Find the Items you Want

SNIP offers a wide range of regulatory information and services for various markets in the CIS. Please note that each item of merchandise has a unique Locator Code, which you will need to indicate when placing your order.

Step 2: Review License Options and/or Subscription Terms

Each category of merchandise generally has specific license requirements, so the license options for one category of merchandise may differ from the license options for other categories. Products and services offered by subscription may also have specific requirements and restrictions on their use. Licensing information (or subscription terms) is located on the pages containing the descriptions of the products or services.

Step 3: Place Your Order

After you have determined your license options and the number of user licenses you need, please review the prices, the delivery options, and the payment methods for the merchandise you want.

To maintain order accuracy, we do not accept orders by phone. We are sorry, but we also do not accept secure orders via the web site at this time. Please e-mail or fax your order using contact information listed on the contact information page. On your order, indicate the payment method you want to use.

If using your company purchase order, your purchasing agent should review and follow our guidelines for preparing and placing your organization`s purchase order prior to submitting the order.

Current Prices.  The price displayed for any item listed on our website always represents the current price for that item. Except where noted otherwise, any price displayed always represents the full retail price, which does not include taxes, shipping charges, and available discounts.
Additional Licenses.  When you purchase additional User Licenses for any publication you purchased previously, a portion of the original license price will NOT be credited towards a purchase of the new License.
Requests for Quotation.  For certain services offered by SNIP, you will need to submit a Request for Quotation. Such services include translation services, subscription services, and services involving a large number of end users. In this case, the description pages for these services generally indicate that a Request for Quotation is required, and give instructions on how to submit the request or provide an online form for doing so.
Order Errors.  You can place your order yourself using the information on our site. If your order contains errors or incorrect prices, fees, charges, taxes, or other data, we will ask you to correct the errors and submit a corrected order.

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