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Your business strategy in Kazakhstan
has a significant flaw.

You don’t have a subscription to the Regulatory Information Services.

Here is what you are missing:

  • Standards database. Access to the multi-industry database, containing bibliographic information and complete texts of the technical regulations and standards in force in Kazakhstan.
  • Monitoring and updates. Continuous monitoring and regular updating of the documents in the standards database.
  • Information search service. Access to the specialists at our Research Center, who will on your request find and deliver to you the information you need on a given topic or document.
  • Fast delivery of documents found per your request.
  • A free wireless network adapter for each user of the standards database if you choose to use the database in a wireless network.
  • Free technical support for software and hardware that comes with your subscription.
  • Extended warranty on our wireless equipment for the length of your subscription.

Learn more about the Regulatory Information Services...

If your company is operating in Kazakhstan, you truly need our Regulatory Information Services. We provide our clients with a convenient, fully integrated software package that gives you access to the bibliographic data and full texts of the technical regulations and standards in use in Kazakhstan. As part of the information service, we also provide constant monitoring of regulatory information, regular updates, search services, fast delivery of the information you need, and other information services and products. In this section of the site, you will find a brief description of the subscriptions, prices, information on software licensing, and instructions for subscribing.

Learn more about the Regulatory Information Services...

Regulations & Standards

Are you looking for regulatory documents in use in Kazakhstan? We have the world’s largest collection of Kazakhstan’s technical regulations and standards. You can get answers to your questions about requirements in the areas of safety, health, and environment protection without even leaving your chair.

Database of Industry Standards

Our clients have a powerful tool in their hands that gives them a strong position in the market in Kazakhstan: access to up-to-date regulatory information! Our Database of Industry Standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan provides our subscribers with the bibliographic data and full texts of the regulatory documents in use in Kazakhstan. The Database contains technical regulations, codes, standards (SNIP, GOST, VNTP, VSN, MSN, PPB, PUE, RD, RST, SN, ST RK, SANPIN, etc.), instructions, guidelines, manuals, and related statutory regulations. When you have this information available at your fingertips, you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t subscribe sooner!

Subscriber Support

If you are a current subscriber, then this section is for you. Here, you will find information and instructions on how to use, renew, or suspend your subscription, purchase additional user licenses, and receive technical support for your hardware and software.

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