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Database of Regulations and Standards

Our collection of technical regulations and standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the world’s largest resource of bibliographic information and full texts of regulatory documents in use in Kazakhstan. The regulatory information has been packaged into the Database of Industry Standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It contains technical regulations, codes, standards (SNIP, GOST, VNTP, VSN, MSN, PPB, PUE, RD, RST, SN, ST RK, SANPIN, etc.), instructions, guidelines, manuals, and related statutory regulations. The Database includes documents issued by private-sector standards developers and government organizations and oversight agencies in the spheres of fire safety, public health, industrial safety, product certification, quality control, construction, communications, transportation, energy, oil & gas, the petrochemical industry, and other industries. This Database contains more than 20,000 full texts of documents in electronic format.

Our specialists estimate that approximately 200,000 technical regulations are currently in use in Kazakhstan, including intergovernmental standards, industry-specific standards, and technical specifications. Our many years of strong links with regulatory information sources enable our specialists—who are in constant communication with standards developers, legislators and government oversight agencies—to find practically any standards published in Russia, Kazakhstan, and the USSR in the past 40 years and provide them to subscribers. We continuously monitor the regulatory information and regularly update our Database of Industry Standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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