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Indexes of Russian Industry Standards

The Indexes of Russian Industry Standards are a good starting point to locate standards that are in use in Russia and check whether they are valid, replaced, or withdrawn. The Indexes cover practically all sectors of the Russian economy and a wide variety of subjects, including safety, health, environment protection, product certification, testing, and quality control.

Technical Standards

Are you looking for regulatory documents in use in Russia? Our customers have access to over 200,000 Russian technical standards and specifications. We have translated the most frequently used standards into English. Please download our Catalog of Publications Translated into English:


Technical Regulations

Technical regulations are a relatively new tool in the Russian regulatory landscape. They are intended to reduce barriers to trade and get the Russian economy more closely aligned with the global marketplace.

Wireless Networking Equipment

Until recently, combining separate, remote company facilities into a unified network was difficult and expensive. Wireless networking technology solves that problem. We offer a full line of fixed wireless devices—from bridges to multi-channel routers—capable of withstanding extreme climatic conditions and vandalism.

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