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Payment Options

Payment Terms

Unless your organization has prior approval from our finance department to use Authorized Purchase Orders, we require prepayment of all orders, that is, payment in full must be arranged using one of the payment methods listed below.

Methods of Payment

We accept credit cards listed below, electronic funds transfers, company checks, and purchase orders. Please note that some payment methods incur an additional transaction charge.

Use the links below for more information on the following payment methods we accept:

Credit Cards

We no longer accept credit cards.


We accept checks denominated in U.S. dollars and drawn on a U.S. bank. Make checks payable to SNIP REGISTER, INC. Insufficient funds due to currency conversion and conversion-related fees may result in delay or cancellation of your order. Please allow 10 business days for checks to clear.

Wire Transfers

If you wish to pay for your order by electronic funds transfer (EFT), mark your order and we will send you our bank information necessary for the electronic funds transfer. All orders paid by electronic funds transfer will incur a transaction processing fee of $20. Be sure to include this $20 when calculating the total cost of the wire transfer. Depending on the bank, it can take anywhere from 1 to 8 days to complete a wire transfer. After you initiate the transfer, please notify us by email or fax on the day the transfer takes place. Please include the name and location of your local bank branch and the EFT tracking number.

Purchase Orders

If your organizationís policy requires ordering with a purchase order, you can send your organizationís purchase order. We will accept purchase orders from any customer, but all orders (other than Authorized Purchase Orders) must be prepaid before we can deliver the merchandise. We reserve the right to refuse purchase orders that specify property transfer, warranty, and performance conditions that conflict with our standard terms, conditions, warranties, and disclaimers.

Authorized Purchase Orders

Authorized Purchase Orders are purchase orders from SNIP Authorized Resellers and customers with approved credit accounts. An Authorized Purchase Order is simply your organizationís purchase order that you can use as a payment option for your purchases, enabling purchase of merchandise without prepayment and with no payment for 30 days.

If you are an Authorized Reseller of SNIP products and services or a SNIP customer with approved credit account, you are automatically approved to use Authorized Purchase Orders (provided your account is in good standing), thus all your purchase orders will be treated as Authorized Purchase Orders. Simply send your purchase orders by mail, fax, or email to your Service Representative and they will be processed without prepayment and with no payment for 30 days. Donít know the name, telephone number, or e-mail address of your Service Representative? Contact us.

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