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Licensing Overview

The information on licensing in this section of the website is only intended for End-Users of the Indexes of Russian Industry Standards. Should you wish to purchase Indexes for resale to your customers, you must enroll in the Authorized Reseller Program.


All Indexes of Russian Industry Standards are electronic publications in PDF format, and are intended for use on a personal computer. The electronic publications are provided to users on the basis of a User License, which gives the buyers the right to use the product purchased.

Each User License comes with a license agreement called an End-User License Agreement (EULA). The EULA defines how the publication can and cannot be used and places certain restrictions on the purchaser. Since the Indexes of Russian Industry Standards are an informational product accessed using software, the EULA for Indexes of Russian Industry Standards differs from the typical license agreements that normally apply to software. Specifically, the EULA for Indexes of Russian Industry Standards stipulates that the purchase of a publication shall constitute acceptance of the agreement. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you review the terms of the EULA before you purchase publications. References to the complete text of the EULA for various types of licenses are given on the pages describing the given type of license.


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